Retainer Services

Get some peace of mind with your company's legal matters by outsourcing them to our trusted legal professionals, who are experts in our vast area of practice. Retainer basis legal services can save you valuable time and allows you to run your business confidently at a minimal cost.


At Kevin Wu & Associates, we customise and tailor our retainer services specifically to our client's industry, business model and goals.

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Priority Service & Shortened Turnaround time

As a promise to our retainer clients, our turnaround time is 2-3 business days for legal works (subject to complexity of the work) to ensure smooth business flow for our clients.

Vetting, Reviewing and Drafting

We ensure that your company documents, contracts and agreements have no room for legal errors and risks, saving you time and money down the road.

Legal Consultation on Business Operations

We provide legal advice and insights on day-to-day business practices and ad-hoc company exercises, such as business restructuring, taking on new business practices and adopting new policies etc.

Ensure Compliance with Legislation

From changes in legislations to regulatory reforms, we will keep your company updated with legal developments relevant to your business and industry.

Representatives in Meetings & Conferences

As legal representatives, our lawyers will act on the behalf of your company on legal matters in meetings with stakeholders whenever required.

External Contract Negotiations

We will negotiate with third parties on the terms and contracts of any commercial agreements to be undertaken by your company to ensure optimal outcome for your company.

Not sure if you should get an in-house legal counsel or engage retainer services from external legal professionals?

Our lawyers have summarised all important points to be taken into consideration when making this decision. This article will help shed light on what suits your company best.