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Scope of Retainer Services

  1. Priority service and shortened turnaround time for responses.
  2. Vetting, reviewing & drafting commercial agreements and document.
  3. Providing quality, accurate and timely general legal advice on the whole spectrum of legal matters that apply to the ordinary day-to-day activities and the products/services of the company including but not limited to employment, contract, competition, immigration, intellectual property, tax, and anti-bribery & anti-corruption.
  4. Assisting the company to ensure compliance with any changes to legislation over time.
  5. Providing suggestions in improving the company’s operation.
  6. Drafting and/or issuing standard letter of demand for debt recovery.
  7. Formulating strategy and tactics for negotiations.
  8. Liaising with external lawyers.
  9. Reviewing, drafting and responding to legal correspondence.



  1. Contentious matters in court/arbitration/tribunal
  2. Complex non-contentious matters including but not limited to sale and purchase transactions, commercial banking transactions, fundraising and due diligence exercise.
  3. Disbursements & reimbursements (including but not limited to CTOS search, winding up/bankruptcy search, SSM search, and stamp duty)
  4. Legal trainings & workshops


Other Terms & Conditions:

  1. Subject to time limit per month based on contract with no carry forward.
  2. Subject to minimum 6 months contract period.
  3. Retainer fees payable at the start of each calendar month.

Retainer Services

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